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Delta 8 + CBG Gummies - Low strength Sale

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Delta 8 + CBG Gummies - Low strength - BLUE RAZZ PREMIUM DELTA 8 + CBG INFUSED


15 MG delta-8 | 10mg CBG Low strength

Get in the VAYCAY mode with our premium Delta-8 gummies.  Infused with CBG oil, these gummies create a body-soothing buzz and put you in a cerebral, meditative state.  Take away the stress and tension, without any potential THC anxiety.  Start your VAYCAY.

Each gummy pack comes with 20 Delta-8 CBG Infused gummies, refer to Suggested Use for recommended dosage.

Try our yummy Blue Razz for a blast from the past, Jolly Rancher-inspired gummy.  No need to throw elbows to get your hands on this flavor, you got the whole pack to yourself.

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